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DS: lolita quit! all black x white items

A few rules to get all along:
-My egl_feedback post: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/1138357.html
-Payments only via Paypal;
-I will NOT take the responsability if the package will get lost during the trip or if the content will be damages by custom operators;
-I live in Italy; I can ship worldwide, but shipping cost are higher for overseas customers.
Some examples: shipping to all over EU with tracking (it takes nearly 1 week): 13-15 euros (it depends on the weight); shipping to USA, Australia and Canada: 16-20 euros; shipping to Asia: 18-20 euros
-All the items are priced in Euros, also payments must be in Euros;
-All the prices does not include shipping;
-I don't accept trades;
-All the description of the items are written as the best I can. If you need more information, more picture or if you don't understand my crappy english just ask!
-All the items are used (exept for a couple of them) and will be washed and ironed before shipping;
-I can hold your items for max 1 week (if you have serious problems just let me know it);
-I can ship only during Tuesday and Saturday. I'm a student, I have to study a lot this year (it's the las one!) and my time is really limited. Please, understand.

I'm selling the following items because I have grown up and my bust can't fit anymore into them!

Thank you for reading

Item #1: Bodyline Black Blouse
-Used twice
Fabric: cotton (good quality);
Lace: cotton;
Rose lace: synhtetic.
Bust: 84cm max
Waist: 73 max

On the back you can see a shirring. The buttons have a heart shape; some of them have really little damages (the paint gone!).

Price: 20 euros + shipping

item #2: Anna House White Blouse SOLD!

item #3: Bodyline White x Black Sailor Long Cutsew
-Only tried, new, washed and without tags.
  Bust: 84 max
  Fabric: cotton (thin, for summer);
  Bows: satin
  Lace: syntetic

The buttons are like pearls! Useful for summer with a simple skirt

Price: 22 euros + shipping

items #4: Anna House Black x White Headbow
-Only tied, just took out of the original package.
 Fabric: cotton;
  Lace: cotton;
 Bow lenght: 27cm

This headbow is huge! it looks enormous on my head!

Price: 12 euros + shipping

item #5: Handmade (Orologi Silenziosi) Black x White Headress
-Never used, like new
 Fabric: synthetic;
 Lace: synthetic;
 Bows: satin
 Headress lenght: 30 cm

Sorry for the bad pic... It was stucked in a packaging for a couple of years!

Price: 10 euros + shipping

item #6: Baby Off White Underknee Socks with tulipes embroyement
-Used once, the writing on the distant part got dirted and there are some signs of use un the feet base.
  Cloth: elastic cotton (good quality)
  Lace: cotton (good quality)
 Max diameter: 34cm
 Lenght: 50 cm

Price: 18 euros + shipping

item #7: Innocent World Bxw invernal skirt
-Used twice, second hand (the firts owner weared this once)
  Cloth: heavy cotton (really good quality)
  Lace: cotton (good quality)
 Max waist: 77cm
 Lenght: 56 cm

I'm really sorry to sell this skirt: I have bought it from a really kind girl, but now I need money and this little beautiful piece need a better owner!

Price: 75  euros + shipping

item #8: Alice and the Pirates Bxw sailor JSK                ON HOLD
  Cloth: heavy cotton (really good quality)
  Lace: cotton (good quality)
  Ribbon: satin
  Total height: 90 cm
  Skirt lenght front: 48 cm
  Skirt lenght side: 58 cm
  Max bust: 88 cm

My first brand piece ever: AatP is my favourite brand ever!

Price: 120 euros + shipping
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