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DS : Mary in the sky with candies, Dot love series, Milk Bubble

-Paypal only please (remise en mains propres possible pour les françaises)
-Shipping and Paypal's fees are not included
-I don't smocke and all of my clothes are in my wardrobe always closed
-Prices are negotiable. Please don't be afraid to ask
-Prices in Euro please
-I am not responsible for lost packages without tracking
-The one that can pay first or makes the highest offer will get priority
-Feel free to make offer and PM me with questions or prices
My Feedbacks :
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BTSSB Mary in the sky with candies jsk in black 

-Bust : 85-91 cm
-Waist :  75 cm
-Length : 91 cm

-Proof of ownership :
-Condition : Worn twice only. Perfect condition.
-Price : 165€

ANGELIC PRETTY Dot love series one piece in pink

-Bust : 88-100 cm (shirring on the back)
-Waist :  70-80 cm
-Length : 88 cm

-Proof of ownership :
-Condition : Worn once only. Perfect condition.
-Price : 135€

MILK Bubble dress in pink

-Bust : 85-91 cm
-Waist :  73 cm
-Length : 84 cm

-Proof of ownership :
-Condition : Worn a few only. Excellent condition.
-Price : 65€

Thanks for looking and feel free to ask questions.


Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, milk
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