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DS - Meta's March of Ducks (Black OP)

First to leave PP gets the item
The buyer will pay any PP fees.
I expect the payment to have gone through within 24 hours unless we've made another agreement. Otherwise, the item will go to the next person in line.
I do not smoke and I have no pets, so there should be no trace of either.
Shipping is NOT included, please inquire for your location.
If you decide not to get tracking, then it is NOT my responsibility if something happens to the item during shipping.
I ship from Denmark within 48 hours after payment.
Anything else: feel free to ask

My feedback: community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/954071.html

Meta's March of Ducks black OP: On hold for maowunderlich 

My picture:

I bought it off ClosetChild last summer, and I've never worn it, only tried it on. On CC it was stated as 3/5.
The official measurements:
Length: 79.5cm + frill 4cm
Skirt length: 50cm + frill 4cm
Bust: 88 - 95cm
Waist: 68cm
Sleeve length: 17cm
I was able to fit into it comfortably when I had a bustsize of 97cm and waistsize of 80cm.

Seeing as this is my only sweet dress I'm including all the jewelry I bought to match it:

Cupcake necklace: http://prettypoponline.com/item_27/Yellow-x-Pink-x-Choco-Pearl-Link-Necklace.htm
Lollipop Brooche: http://prettypoponline.com/item_22/Yellow-Sugary-Lolly-Brooch.htm
Rings: Wrapped candy, heartcake, icecream-scope, yellow bisquit, pink busquit, layered cake
Heart earrings

The dress plus jewelry: 190USD - OBO

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