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♠ I do not smoke and have no pets, so all items should be delivered without any signs of those.
♠I accept Paypal only
♠buyer is responsible for pp fees
♠The item goes to the first person who leaves paypal email
♠please understand, I won't accept any cancellations so buy  only if you are sure you can buy the item
♠ if the payment is not made within 2 days next person in line has an opportunity to buy it
♠please, ask for shipping to your location if it's not stated
♠I'll ship within 2 days after receiving payment
♠I'm not responsible for lost packages
♠If you have any questions feel free to ask :)

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♠ 1. !DA Moi-même-Moitié: Gobelin Ribbon JSK
I have been looking for this dress for a long time, but when I finally got it I didn't have to try it on to see it won't fit. It was heart tearing so I kept it in closet for months hesitating between selling and adjusting. Because of corset boning, modifying requires a lot of ripping so I decided to part with it...

This dress is very rare. Made with known of luxury royal blue velvet and gobelin. It has eight corset bonings for sustaining better shape and a zipper in the back. Never worn by me so it's in good condition. Measurements: bust: ~84cm,  waist: ~66cm.

♠Closer        ♠back

Perfect elegance as you can see in G&L Bible:

This price includes shipping via EMS.

ENDING TIME : 17 March 2011  21:00 (Central European Time)

Starting Bid: 270 USD
Current bid:


♠ 2. HMHM Victorian Maiden style JSK navy x white 70 USD

Worn only once. This was an impulse buy that doesn't even match my style.
bust: ~82cm
waist:~74cm (it has waist ties so fits smaller waists)


♠ 3. F+F blouse     Sold
chest: 88cm
waist: 66-72cm
Please take in notice it has corset ties in the back, so it fits smaller silhouettes too:) 
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