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DS: Sold

★ First person to commit to purchase/leave paypal + pays asking price gets piority
★ I only post via Registered Post - will not ship via normal airmail.
I am not responsible for any parcels once I hand them over to the postal system.
★ I accept paypal payments only but I don't accept cc-paypal payments (ie. credit card related.)
★ Measurements are listing of flaws is amatuer but I do my best.
★ I prefer buyers with feedback. (I have the right to refuse a sale if I am uncomfortable with shipping to the potential buyer.)

★ No trades / Partial Trades /  I apologise but I'm not accepting payment plans at the moment.
Exception: Jsk set only to the payment plan rule.

Feedback there. Old Feedback screencapped by a mod: Here. And Here.

Angelic Pretty - Holy Night Story Hat NWT

Price: 150 USD Shipped Worldwide.


NWT - the straps are still in their orginal knot. I havn't even undone the knot.
Colour: Wine

Angelic Pretty - Wonder Party Tea Cup Bag

Price: 120 USD Shipped Worldwide.

- SOLD -


The tag is attached but I'm not sure if it's really NWT.
1. Is a dot/flaw, not very visible. I've never used the bag before.
2. Is the golden bow charm with the letters A and P inscribed on it.

Please note that it is hard to ship this item: the item is more sturdier then recent bags so it does make it a bit harder to package the item though I will do my best.

Angelic Pretty - Melty Chocolate Pink x Brown 1st Release*

Price: Being discussed.

- SOLD -

Includes: Headbow + Jsk + Braclet + Registered Shipping

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Bust: 82cm - 89 cm
Waist: 74cm - 79cm
Length: 86cm + 3cm lace


Headbow has been worn a few times but has no flaws. 1st Release as well.
1. Flaw: Comparision with waist ties, there's been a bit of fading of colour/no running. T_T; my fault. (I think it was because I used something similar level to bleach.) 2. Flaw: Spot near bow.
3. Link to Pink x Pink Jsk (2009) version Tag
here. The code matches the one on the inside of my jsk seen in picture three.
4. Lace photo.
5. Braclet. It was never worn by me and I can't find any flaws.

*Buyer MUST have feedback for this item.

I will not split the set under any circumstances. Please don't ask.

★ ★ ★

When leaving a PM: PLEASE COMMENT here saying something like "I'll leave my details in a PM" if you are worried about privacy so I know what time you left the details. Without that I can't determine your piority.

I usually ship the next day after payment but recently my timetable has been pretty demanding.
Either way - I will ship within three days after payment/ASAP (exception: public holidays/weekends).

Current Status: Please wait for an update. Will be out till later. Won't have time till later tonight to update everyone. Please be patient.

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