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WTB: Shoes, headdress, accessories


-I pay with Paypal

-I pay the same day I'm invoiced; no flaking around here! I do reserve the right to ask questions/not be interested, though.

-Please calculate shipping to US zip 21034, thanks!

-I'd like to receive this stuff in time for some outings/meet-ups, so please only offer if you can ship ASAP (at least within the first half of the week)

-I'm on a huuuuuuuuge budget right now, so please only offer offbrand/handmade or brand if you are willing to be verrrrrrrrrrry flexible with the price >___<

-OOPS FORGOT MY FEEDBACK LAWL it's HERE. Sorry for the herp-derp.

What I'm looking to buy:

-lavender stuff, especially accessories. I need items to match THIS lovely OP and I'd love to work more lavender into my wardrobe in general. I normally DESPISE purple, but I absolutely love it with lolita, so throw it all at me!

That said, I have the matching headbow for this OP so I'm good on lavender head stuff. I mostly want jewelry; offbrand/handmade/deco is all okay as long as it's predominantly lavender. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, brooches; I want it all! :) (Up to a certain point. XD;;)

-a black headdress. Not really interested in bonnets, but fascinators/mini tophats are okay. I'd prefer for them to be solid black or black/navy or black/pink (no black/white, please! @.@;;).

-pink/white flat shoes in size LL (25cm). I'd prefer offbrand/Bodyline for these, just for pricing reasons, and any style is okay, so long as they don't have a heel! I am absolutely atrocious at walking with heels, as my BL platforms have taught me. ;___; May also consider rockinghorse shoes in those colors, as the flat platform on those gives me no trouble. <3

-a bag (no totes!). I need a black one and a white one, respectively. Again, please no brand for these, as for some reason brand bags are extremely expensive (I guess the same reason designer bags are expensive, ha ha). Replicas are okay, but I'm definitely on a budget here. If I can afford only one, I'd rather have a white one as it will match more of my wardrobe ATM. In terms of style, I like a little sweet (bows/frills are okay) but it'd be nice if they could pair with classic/gothic as well. I don't plan on owning more than these two bags, so it's pretty imperative that they go with all of the stuff I own. ^^;;

-solid white and solid black lace-topped socks. Pretty self-explanatory. Again, offbrand preferred.

That's it! If you have a wide variety of things that you think I might like, feel free to link outside shops/Etsy/etc. accounts as well (so long as it's fine if I order through LJ)! :) Thanks in advance!
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