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Hello, I've been short on money lately so I decided after much thought to reluctantly sell this dress
I've worn it twice and it is in perfect condition
I live in Massachusetts USA and live in a pet-free/smoke-free house
I can only imagine how heavy this dress will be in a shipping box so I will have to say that shipping is going to be about $10
Feedback from other sales
Feedback from EGL (there is none, sorry)

The only pictures I have of the dress are from when I wore it to Anime Boston, but I will post the original photos from the website as well to show detail!

Shirring Jumperskirt

When I bought it:
Total price: 17640 yen
Shipping cost: 3000 yen
Total amount: 20640 yen
This translates to 250 USD.
Because it is in such good condition, I don't want to sell it for much less than this price.
How about $225 OBO?

This makes me so sad, but lolita is a very difficult style to keep up with, especially when one is not able to spend much money on random items
As you can see I had no money to spent on a wig or accessories
This sort of discourages me, so as much as I love this dress, I hope someone else can give it a better home
Thank you for looking and reading <3
Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright
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