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DS: Hand-Made Sweets Jewelry & Accessories!

Hand-Made items~
(Added more photos!)
I also have a pets (3 dogs), but all my packages and items are extremely clean.
I always package them away from my pets, due to possible allergies.

EGL Feedback:
(I just started selling/buying here- but I have feedback other places)

Ratings @ My Artfire Store:

My deviantArt for a list of feed back, and a list of previous customers for additional feedback:

PayPal only!
I am willing to haggle on some prices, depending on the product!

Shipping Terms and Service
I ship threw the US Postal Service.
Shipping within the USA is $5-$7
Shipping Internationally may vary- so please ask shipping cost,
and state what country you live in for a shipping estimate.

I offer getting Tracking & Insurance for $8 national/international.
Or comment for any other question or service. ('')


Here is a general list of things I'm selling ('')
(Most images are clearer then others- today is a bit of a odd weather day.
So sun kept changing the lighting in the camera setting.)

A.) $10

(with choice of Silver 1, Silver 2, Gold 1)

B2.) $10
(with choice of Silver 1, Silver 2, Gold1)

(with choice of Silver 1, Silver 2, Gold1)

(with choice of Silver 1, Silver 2, Gold1)

(with choice of Silver 1, Silver 2, Gold1)

E1~E3.) $10 Necklace
(S1,S2,G1) or $8 for a cellphone charm (blue,pink,black strap)

F1~F2.) $10 Necklace
(S1,S2,G1) or $8 for a cellphone charm(blue,pink,black strap)

G1~G4) $8 Necklace
(S1,S2,G1) or $5 for a cellphone charm (blue,pink,black strap)

H.) $7

Comment with the code in the product you are interested in~
Here are some more photos!

A.) Pink Pillow Princess Bow Barrette

C3.) Vanilla & Strawberry Cupcake

E&F) Blue or Pink Ribbon Icing Cookies

H.)SparkleSparkle Candy Barrette

B1.) Pumpkin Cupcake

G1~4.) Fruity Flower Biscuit

Comment with a question or in interest!
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