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DS: Charity: will give a free gift to those who donate $5 or more: NOW WORLD WIDE!

PayPal users Only.
My Feedback:

Now accepting world wide people who donate!!!!!!!!!
this shipping is MUCH cheaper then i thought! So for a time while supplies last, I will accept all world wide participants!!!
( be aware the ship pin might take 7-15 days to receive untracked. thank you<3 !)

In the devastating events in Japan: I'm trying my best to influence the help, and encourage donations.

Every donation made through any selected paypal charities will receive a small gift with free shipping.
Items will include:
Phone Charm:
Cat/Lucky Neko or Japanese luck charm
Photo of the lot:

All you need to do:
Log on to paypal: ( the banner will be present and just click)
Select a charity of your choice:
Any amount is acceptable:
$5 will get you a small free gift from my shop:
After you have sent the payment it should have a confirmation on the screen like in my example below: 
Screen cap: and you are free to email me or post here.

In the amount of $5 and UP please let me know and I will make sure the gift is extra special.

After Donation:
You are free to pick between a Lucky Neko OR Flat or Pillow Japanese Shinto phone charm:
Please let me know a color you prefer:
No shipping fees are charged for this.
( because it is so light, I will use stamps. so please be aware their is no tracking)
I ship the day of received proof:

I hope we can band together to help Japan and its relief.

To redeem:
Example here is my proof of my current donation: please scree save the receipt as seen in mine: this will appear after a confirmed payment has been made to the charity of your choice.
( I donated to Japan EarthQuake and Tsumani fund this one seems to be pointed towards helping japan)
Your post screen save will be posted here as proof and show your support to the Japanese people!

Your Proof should look like this: ( this is my donation I have made:)
Please post it in the entry here: or please feel free to email it to me at Danielle.Heise at

: Mods I hope this is alright.
I know this is not very lolitable, but as a seller here-
I hope to help encourage the donations and i feel every little bit helps.
If you need this removed please let me know and I will take it down.
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