libellule13 (libellule13) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DA! Sugary Carnival Pink Skirt

My best friend Blanche wants to leave lolita, she sells here her last skirt..
So NO TRADES! The skirt is LIKE NEW!

It's The Sugary Carnival skirt with waist ties from Angelic Pretty
BE CAREFUL the bow pin is MISSING

WE ship from FRANCE please inquire about shipping!
My feedback:
And here:

Proof: with me and her:

And with Blanche who holds the paper in her hand:

Starting bid: 200 euros (around 275 USD)
Current bid:
BIN: 285 euros (around 400 USD) DEAR PUDDING!

Prices are in EUROS and don't include shipping or paypal
As the value of euro and dollard changes everyday, the cost of currency change on paypal will be paid by the consumer,
(more informations by private messages if you want )

Please bid in 10 euros increments (around 13 USD)
Auction ends Saturday, March 19 at 20.30 PM, Eastern time

Thank you for looking!

Tags: !da, angelic pretty
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