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DS! Handmade jewelry sweets special birthday luckypacks sales and discounted items!

the moment i have a few feedback on my EGL feedback page BUT  i have 76 positive feedback available to see here's the link to my feed back page
I Accept PayPal  and maybe a trade
I Will Ship Out your order Monday (being that its a weekend)
Shipping to the US is 2.00$
Shipping everywhere else is 4.00$ 
All My stuff is  in USD.
if you have any questions feel free to ask :3

Hello! all the items for sale today are special prices only available for this weekend! after the weekend all prices will go back to normal!
Hello everyone! this Sunday is my 16th birthday! so in celebration ill be having a sale with special lucky packs!
~want to see more items? ask and ill gladly show you!

~1~ squishyGiant sweets lucky packs 25$
se special packs contain
1 large/squishy necklace
2 ajustable rings
1 hair clip

~2~ "sweet" 16 luckypacks 16$
"so fitting" lol
what it contains
3 rings
1 hair clip
1 necklace
2 small mystery items/ OR 1 big mystery item

~3~ Small Lucky pack 6$
what it contains
1 ring
1 necklace

~4~ Ring pack 5$
what it contains
3 rings

~5~ Custom Giant Lollipop Necklace 15$
Like the lollipops that I make but wish it was a little different? now you can get a made to order lollipop necklace just for you! and will be OOAK choose from any color you can imagine! Up to 3 colors each lollipop is anywhere from 3 inches by 3 inches  up to 4 inches
Want bows? Or cabochons?
You can choose from having 3 different types of glitter or no glitter at all!
PES Of Glitter
Thick Regular Glitter (has the effect of sugar)
small grain glitter
glitter wash
Made From Polymer clay
Pictures above are some examples of lollipops ive made!choose from pink green lavender silver black red or baby  blue chain

~6~ Lollipop brooch/hair clips Green or purple 7$
these Super adorable lollipop Pins are one of my favorites! there perfect for your sweet Lolita outfit :3 on the back of the lollipop is a pin back and a hair clip so it can be witch ever one you want!

~7~ Tea Cup Hair Clips 11$ each pale Blue or Magenta
oh my gosh! words cannot describe the cuteness of this hair clip! its soo adorable! its great for people who love over the top items! this giant tea cup is very light weight so it wont slip and slide in your hair. on the bottom of the tea cup is a alligator clip.
Colors:Light blue PENDING

~8~ Bitter Sweet Giant Lollipop necklace black x blue 15$
handmade with polymere clay  using black and dark blue glitter clay 3" x 3"placed onto a black anodized chain 25"long

~9~Lilac Dream Ice Cream Necklace 14.50$
Birthday Sale Lilac Dream Ice Cream Necklace
Birthday Sale Lilac Dream Ice Cream Necklace
oh my goodness words cannot describe how adorable this necklace really is! i took a super adorable ice cream cone with 2 different flavors strawberry raspberry strip and lilac chocolate chip. all together the colors work so great! i also added an adorable lavender bow with polka-dots. but that's not all at the clasp of the necklace i added another pink bow for a cute back dangle! this necklace is just to cute to pass up!

~placed onto a 25 inch pink chain~

Raspberry and Strawberry Double Scoop Ice Cream Necklace 14.00$

Birthday Sale Raspberry and Strawberry Double Scoop Ice Cream Necklace
this necklace is sooooo cute! i took a double scoop ice cream cone with raspberry ice cream and strawberry ice cream and place an adorable little pink bow on top of it! ice cream is about 3" tall. the ice cream cone its self is made from a squishy material how cool is that? :D

♥♥~~~Strawberry and Raspberry~~~♥♥

the ice cream is placed onto a 28" pink chain .

thank you so much for looking!
for more items please visit

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