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DS Leaving Lolita Part 1

I accept payment via paypal only and all shipping is done via USPS using flat rate shipping, shipping is not included in the price

All sales are final so please feel free to ask all questions before purchasing

Please feel free to make reasonable offers and I will consider it carefully

I prefer to sell to US buyers as the shipping cost is astronomical to ship out of the country

Please be aware that all of my items come from a pet friendly home, we are not smokers. I do my best to ensure that the dog hair is removed but occasionally that isn’t perfect. If this is going to bother you please consider this

My feedback is here

1. Nintendo DS Lite deco case $10 Sold

I never used this as I felt it made my DS way to heavy, its very cute but since I no longer have a DS I don’t need this any more





2. Blaspheminas Closet Blouse $35 Sold

Very pretty blouse, I never wore it, but as I purchased this from someone else it may have been worn. I think it would look cute with jeans or the stripped JSK above, you decide. It does have corset lacing in the back so it can fit smaller sizes however be aware that the neck in my opinion looks a little funny if you are a lot smaller than 18 inches.

-Bust max 38 inches

-Waist max 34 inches

-Shoulder to hem 21 inches

-Neck 18 inches





3. Metamorphose off-white short sleeve blouse $35
I believe this color is referred to as kinari but I could be mistaken. Super cute, I tried it on but never wore it as I didn’t care for how it looked on me. I did buy this from someone else so they may have worn it. The back is shirred and has cute ties on the sleeves and the back.

-Bust: max 38 inches, not stretched 34 inches

- Waist: max 34 inches, not stretched 30 inches

- Shoulder to hem 20.5 inches








Tags: !ds, blasphemina's closet, metamorphose
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