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- I accept PayPal, but I'd prefer direct payments if an arrangement is set to take these things in person. I prefer delivering things in person.
- I am entitled to put negative feedback if the sales fall through.
- I'm ONLY SELLING TO PEOPLE WITHIN CHILE. I'd prefer buyers from Santiago or Antofagasta.
- The prices are in Chilean peso
- I will accept trades.
- Feedback is here, though for some reason, at the moment it lacks feedback from two people with whom I've had pleasant transactions during January.

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright "Dessert" OP (2010 re-release), $75,000 Chilean pesos OBO 

I bought this personally in the BTSSB store in Paris, so I'm terribly saddened to part with this, but I find this far too sweet for my fancy. I indeed look 'dessert-like' so the name of this dress is perfectly valid. It is really quite sweet, it gives you a lovely, delicate shape and the embroidered dots are subtle yet make the dress look very ornate and unique. I really did love this dress when I bought it, but it won't get the love it deserves if it's hanging in my wardrobe.
It has an empire shape, and its waist ties are thin and sewn from the back, so evidently they're not detachable. The big bow at the centre is detachable.
This dress has been worn only once, and for an extremely short time. I am extremely careful with my clothes (lol OCD), so this dress is so well-kept that it still smells like new.
The original price was 24,990 yen, which means I'm making a drastic price difference without there being any flaws whatsoever, so please take this into consideration.

Length: 96 CM
Bust: 91 CM
Waist: 84 CM

Note: I could ONLY trade this for old-school Baby or Innocent World!!

Details on the bodice

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright headbow, $13,000 Chilean peso OBO

This bow is neither too big nor too small, but I am personally not fond of centre-bows so I ought to sell this. It measures 18 CM wide and it is a rich red colour, as the picture accurately depicts. It would match prints like the old Snow White and Puppet Circus quite perfectly. The bow has wires on its edges, but only at the middle-top sections (the droopy things with the knitted lace aren't wired). It features a lovely, subtle flower lace as well as cherry lace at the top. It is in absolutely perfect condition, brand new, never-ever worn. 

Note: I could trade this for a pink or black sidebow (BTSSB and IW are my preferred choices) or for well-made handmade bow hairties in red, pink or brown.

If you need any more pictures, just ask me.
Any inquiries have to be sent to sweet.tsuki@gmail.com
Thank you very much! :]
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