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WTB: Dresses, Shoes, Headbows, Lots of Red mostly

My Feedback

I'm hoping to buy a new dress and get a few items to match things I already own.

NO HANDMADE ITEMS PLEASE! I can sew but I prefer to wear brand. Also no offbrand or Bodyline, Secret shop is fine.

Show me pics, tell me any flaws and what the price including shipping is to area code 98122. I'll let you know if I like, don't like, or have a counter offer.

If you have something similar to what I'm looking for, post it! Somethings I'm just looking for the general style.

I effing love red.

Dresses I want

Hide ans Seek with Missin' Alice

Sweet Jam in Red

Milky Berry in White

Innocent World dresses in this style mostly.

Blouses. Mainly just looking for white short and long sleeved blouses, also want a pink blouse, preferably AP with detachable sleeves.

I'm cold. I'd like boleros/cardigans/etc. White, pink, and red are best.

Headbows. Need red ones and I'd like a CBB headbow to match my dress! Also need one mint non-head-eating-bow to go with my Dreamy Dollhouse.


Socks, mostly want more socks to match red.

Need red wine colored BtSSB shoes. Not the style shown though, just the color. Also want red, pink, and white boots. Secret Shop is preferred, but brand is fine too depending on the price. Size LL

Thanks for looking!
Tags: !wtb, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, innocent world, secret shop
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