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SS: Victorian Maiden Only - No Shopping Service Fees

Hello! Basic info-
-I only accept Paypal and payment in dollars
-Feedback here

~Thank you I've reached my goal!! So I won't be accepting any new orders for now.~

I live in Japan and run a small shopping service, but this time I'm offering my services free of charge. Why?

I found out that Victorian Maiden is going to have a tea party and starting tomorrow, to get a ticket I need to spend 26,250 yen on their merchandise, but right now I don't have any plans to personally buy anything (nor the cash), so I'm offering to buy stuff as a shopping service instead. You get the goods with no SS fees (sometimes up to 20% of the total) and I get to go to the tea party ^^

Here's a rundown of events and payment:
- You choose what you like from the website.
- Let me know.
- I figure out 30% of the total for the deposit.
- I exchange that price into dollars using today's rate at XE.com.
- You make a deposit to my Paypal.
- I order what you requested on the website.
- When I receive confirmation of the order and pay VM, you pay the remaining 70% and any Paypal fees plus shipping from VM to me (if necessary).
- Once I get the item I'll let you know about shipping methods. You can customize what shipping materials I use and what to write on the label.
- You pay for shipping and Paypal fees if applicable.
- That's it!

Note: Once I reach the total I need, I won't be accepting new offers! Sorry about that. 
One more thing - only items that are currently for sale are applicable so I can't do reserves.
Let me know if you have any questions! =)

EDIT: The earthquake/tsunamis didn't affect my area so SS will proceed as planned. I'll update if necessary.
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