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DS: Old Fairy Tale Prints and other things

BTSSB She is Sleeping embroidery JSK - $230 $207

Bought off the sales community and worn once or twice by me.  No flaws I can see; Just needs a good iron. 

Official Measurements: 95cm length, 90cm bust, 74cm waist


Bodyline Puppy Skirt- $15

Bought new from Bodyline and worn once.  Just not my style.  No flaws that I can see.  It has shirring, but the waist is a little tight.  Recommended fr 26" waist or below.  I wore it with a 28" waist and it was a little tight.  Elastic can always be removed or replaced to have it go bigger. 

Official Measurements:
Length 57cm
Waist 64-82cm


BTSSB Stationary Set- $15


 AP Cinderella OP - $100 - SOLD 

Bought off a user on the community and only tried on by me.  In good condition; collar is slightly dingy on the inside but it's not really noticeable (photoable) and can be cleaned.  It has no shirring.

90cm Length (Skirt Length 52cm), 37cm Shoulder Length, 90cm Bust, 73cm Waist, 32cm Cuff



 BTSSB Wizard of Oz Skirt- $75  SOLD
It's a wrap style full circle skirt and a white gathered underskirt.  I moved the buttons on it to accomidate a 28" waist max.  Buttons can easily be moved to make the overskirt skirt smaller, but not much bigger.  I bought it off mbok and have only tried it on.  it has no flaws that I can see.


BTSSB Red Riding Hood Embroidery JSK- $120 SOLD

Bought off mbok and worn once.  It has no flaws that I can see except that one of the waist tie buttons is a little loose.  Bust stretches up to about 38".  The waist ties are removable. 

Official Measurements: 92cm length, 92~98cm bust, 76~82cm waist


Lief Astor Cafe JSK- $170 NWOT SOLD
Bought new directly from Lief and only tried on.  It does not flatter me.  It comes with the mint ribbon bow pin  pictured. 
Official measurements: 
B 86cm ~ 103cm 
W 66cm ~ 81cm
Length: 94cm


BTSSB Cafe Gelato JSK - $120 SOLD

Lace a little broken in the back; can be repaired.  Shown in 3rd picture.  On the right hand side, the link beween the 2nd and 3rd or 3rd and fourth loops from the top is broken and a few of the lace loops are stretched.  You can try some stiching to repair the broken link or take the lace loops off and stitch stronger loops beneather the rose lace.  It comes with a detachable bow kind of tossed on the back by me.

Official measurements:  91cm length, 85~95cm bust, 73~85cm waist


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