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Nothing over 65€ / 90 USD! Everything needs to go <3

I accept Paypal (Buyer pays the fees) and Bank Transfer.
All prices are WITHOUT shipping.
I'm not responsible if your item is getting lost (if you don't want insurance)!
Priority goes to the Person who can pay first (or the person with the best offer)!
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Note: All measurements have been taken from an amateur.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me.

Innocent World Blouse

I wore this blouse one time outside to a meetup and maybe three times when I wanted to coordinate something with it. It's really pretty but unfortunately not my style. I bought it two years ago second hand and now it only hangs in my closet. I just realizied two buttons are a little bit loose but you can easily hold them together (or fix it). Comes with waist-ties.

Length: 55cm
Armlength: 62
Bust: 80 -92cm (I have over 90cm bust and it fits but it's a little bit tight.)

€ 65 including uninsured shipping within europe


Moi meme Moitie Blouse

I got this blouse with a skirt from a trade. The trader already mentioned it got two stains. When I received it I washed it but the stains are still there. I haven't tried anything since then because the stains are really small.

Length: 56
Armlength: 57
Bust: 88 (it fits a bust over 90 too but it's not that comfy.)

€ 40 including uninsured shipping within europe


Mary Magdalene Hat

I bought this hat around two years ago second hand. I never wore it because I sold the dress I wanted to wear it with. It comes with the straps. Please consider that shipping might be a little bit more expensive if you want me to not squeeze it.

€ 45 please ask for shipping


Angelic Pretty Round Rose Headdress
I got this in a set. Unfortunately I don't have anything to match it. I never wore it.

€ 25 including uninsured shipping within europe


Metamorphose Round Rose Headdress

This was one of the first things I've ever ordered. I got it directly from Metamophose two years ago and only tried it once. Since then it's only in my closet because of the memory ^^ but now I decided to sell it.

€ 18 including uninsured shipping within europe
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