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WTB/ DT : Red Shoes and some other stuff


I really need some stuff for the book fair in Leipzig (17.03.2011), that's why I prefer buying from sellers inside of Europe.
I don't have that much money at the moment, so maybe I will have to pass on your offer if it just doesn't fit my budget.

Please inlcude shipping to Germany in your price, thanks!

Maybe you want to trade/ partial trade? Well then, please look at my sale

Now onto the things I am looking for

The shoes are the most important thing, so I will wait a little bit to see if someone offers me a pair until I take a look at other stuff.

1. a pair of red shoes that fit an EU Size 38

I prefer something with a little bit of heel (not much!) and maybe something more mature looking. But it's hard to find shoes like that, so normal Tea Parties are fine too. I love darker reds, but the shoes have to match my black Milky Berry JSK. I am totally fine with used shoes with cuffs and stuff! Here something I like (haha, they are everything but mature :D), the last ones are my favourite:

2. a boater hat or any Country Lolita headwear

I am looking for a Boater Hat like this one:

I don't want a black one, but if it is cream or beige or brown or whatever, I don't care. It does not necessary need a ribbon, cause I am going to change the ribbon to match my JSK so I really don't care :)
If you have any other headwear which you think might be good for Country Lolita, just show me please. But it has to match this coordinate (don't bother about the background please,I was changing my sheets at that moment :D ):

 3. a hair fascinator or hair corsage in black or black/red
Nothing too fancy, just a small one. I am not really desperately looking for one, but just in case one of you has a cheap one and wants to get rid of it, just show me :)

Thank you all a lot in advance~! :D
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