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WTB Plus sized gothic

A friend of mine suddenly informed me she wants to dress up with me for Anime Detour at the end of the month here. I have an outfit for her to borrow, but she needs a few accessories to go with it!

A black petticoat - moderate poof I think
black shoes, preferred RHS, US Women's size 9

Possibly a cheap white apron - she wants to do a guro Alice type outfit, so anything else you think might go with this she'd be open to looking at.

These two items we need for the con, so US seller is greatly preferred.

While I'm at it, she's also looking to start up a full wardrobe, so she'd like to see some other items as well~ She likes the gothic look the best. Preferably on the cheaper end if possible. She's a little plus sized, although not as large as me, so I think she can fit into some of the larger Bodyline clothing. She loves Alice in Wonderland, so anything with that theme she'll probably jump at (even if it's a little more on the sweet side!)

US sellers are preferred, mostly due to shipping costs, but we'll consider overseas sellers too~

Her measures are:
bust: 43"
Waist: 39"

Shoe size: US Women's 9

I'll apologize beforehand, but my responses might be a little on the slow side. I usually only get to go online at night, after I get home from work~

My Feedback: eglfeedback

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