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DS: Meta, AP, IW, BTSSB, MMM, Bodyline - JSK, OP, Socks + more

The general Info:

UPDATE: All packages have been shipped out and refunds issued. If you have received your package please let me know. I will leave feedback for those who want it. Please be sure to leave me feedback as well

  • Feedback page:
  • Other Feedback: eBay 100% feedback on rillystar (selling and buying), Den of Angels under rillystar
  • I accept PayPal in USD or CND funds (preferred in CND funds), or Cash in person.
  • I do not charge any PayPal fees, but if you could send as a gift it would be greatly appreciated.
  • Shipping costs are not included. I use Canada Post unless there is a special request to use another service. Where ever possible I will give you all options for shipping and costs for Canada Post. I can use USPS but
    that is subject to when I can make it across the border (March 16th will be the next time I will be able to post via USPS at this time). I also strongly suggest insurance and tracking should the post do something terrible to the package. I package well however I am not responsible for any damages should the package go missing or show up damaged if the buyer does not purchase insurance and tracking.
  • I will accept local pickup or drop off for Vancouver BC as well as down the I-5 corridor as far as Olympia (US dropoff and mailings limited to when I can get over the border - please see above). For local pickup or drop off there are no shipping fees.
  • Prices in Canadian Dollars (CND$) with approximate USD amounts
  • Measurements are done to the best of my ability and if something will stretch larger but look aweful I will mention that :) however please allow for errors in measurement
  • I do not smoke or have pets in my home :)
  • I will allow for
    reasonable payment plans but items will not be shipped until payment is completed and will incur an additional charge based on the payment plan needed. Typically a non-refundable deposit of 25% to start.
  • I will invoice and if payment isn't made within a reasonable amount of time(or buyer has not informed me of the delay) the item will be released again (to accomodate for time differences and the like). Holds only in cases where I need to get exact shipping costs or make other arrangements
  • I've listed prices but am open to reasonable offers. Some pieces though I have noted if I will split or not or will not negotiate on the price.
  • I am open to trades, but please note that I am a plus sized girl and looking for certain items (no OTT sweet please). Please see list at bottom of post for things I'm looking for. You can always suggest items as well.
  • If you want more photos or specific photos please ask.
  • Items do not have any damage or
    staining unless noted. I will go over the items again before packaging and photograph them as I pack to avoid any issues that come up with shipping.
  • Items will go to those who can pay in full right away at my specified cost before moving to any wishing layaway services or items at a lower cost.

1) Metamorphose Twinkle Journey JSK Set in Black NWT $365 CND (aprox $375 USD) - SOLD

2) Metamorphose Rabbit Cafe OP in yellow $365 CND (aprox $375 USD)

Worn only a few times
but in mint condition. Ribbons are detachable Shirring in front and back allows for a variety of sizes. The shirring, elastic fabric etc has not been stretched out.

Back image here:

3) Metamorphose Room Print OP in Pink $365 CND (aprox $375 USD)

Another great OP. Worn only once or twice.


Back photo:

4) Metamorphose Stripe JSK $150 CND (aprox $155 USD)

Very cute JSK, one of Meta's older pieces but in mint condition like everything I'm selling today. Great for summer as it's a lighter fabric. Not one of their pieces that is seen for sale often. Best worn with a white petti (as can be seen in the photo with the bright pink one lol). Only some shirring in the front.

Back Photo:

5) Innocent World Black OP $250 (aprox $257 USD)

Another oldie here also in mint condition. Please note that this OP only has 1/4 panel of shirring in the back. Great classic piece

Back Photo:

6) BTSSB Heart Apron $100 (aprox $103 USD) - SOLD

7) AP Classic-Sweet JSK in Black $250 (aprox $257 USD)

Such a gorgeous dress with so many details quality not found in newer brand pieces anymore. Its quite heavy as it has many ruffles and layers. The waist ties also have little
details like ribbons along the edge. Again no shirring on this piece so for smaller lolitas


So you can see the details I've cranked the levels on the image :) below

Back Photo:

8) Moi Meme Moitie Handkerchief SOLD

9) Metamorphose Cream Lace Headdress $35 (aprox $37 USD)

Another older piece from Meta but in pristine condition. The lace is fluffy and soft and there are so many little details that make this a really unique and beautiful headdress. Multiple layers of lace and then two sets of ribbons to tie it on. Each ribbon has a lace applique detail at the end of it on both sides and then the top ribbon has more of this where it attaches to the headdress.

Ribbon Detail photo:
Headdress Detail Photo:
Ribbon Detail Photo2:

10) Metamorphose Cross Lace JSK in Pink NWT $150 (aprox $155 USD)

great JSK for taller and bigger lolitas. Generous shirring in the back and the ribbon on the front is detachable. A layer of petti under the skirt also is a nice touch along with full lining. Lots of room in the straps to adjust. Pink isn't my colour anymore so this never even got worn. Mint condition. New with tags.

Back Photo:
Lace detail:

11) Metamorphose Blouse in White NWT $40 (Aprox $42 USD) -  SOLD

12) Metamorphose Candy House Skirt in Pink $80 (aprox $83 USD) - SHIPPED Mar 29 (by PM)

Worn only a couple of times before I came to the realization that pink is just not a good colour on me T-T fully shirred waist so will fit many larger lolitas as well. Super comfy and fully lined

13) Innocent World Toy Parade Flocky JSK in Grey $200 (aprox $206 USD)

I love this JSK but haven't been able to wear it since I got it since my bust size is large >.< Wouldn't suggest this for anyone over 39" bust and 33" waist. Made of heavier fabric so great for winter. In great
condition as well.

Back Photo:

14) BTSBB Cream Wristlets $10 CND (aprox $10.50 USD) - SOLD

15) BTSSB Black Logo Charm Wristlets $40 (aprox $42 USD) - SOLD

16) Bodyline Red Yukata and Skirt Set $45 (aprox $47 USD)

I'm fairly picky when it comes yukata and prefer traditional ones so my well meaning mum bought me these a while back. Since I don't wear them they've been in storage so it's time for them to go. This one has been worn a total of 2 times and comes with skirt along with the yukata and obi part. The obi is quite forgiving and has a lot of shirring. It does up with a zipper on the side and then the two fabric straps clip on as a nice accent colour.

red yukatayukataskirt
Back Photo:

17) BodyLine Pink Yukata Set $35 (aprox $36.50 USD)

Another cute yukata set my mum bought for me but only saw use once or twice. This one has a more traditional Japanese print but not the usual Yukata sleeves. Again the obi is shirred and goes on with the zipper on the side.

Back Photo:

18) BodyLine Long Sleeved Blouse NWOT $30 - SHIPPING OUT Mar 21 pemaroo

Bought this directly from Bodyline but never wore it. Such a cute shirt but was too small for my bust :( (as
is almost always the case for me now a days). Cute details on the sleeves and nice soft lace. I think I lost the tags (i.e. cut them off and put them somewhere) but otherwise it's brand new.

19) BodyLine Alice Card Bustle Skirt in Pink $30 (Aprox $31 USD) - SOLD

20) AP Country Bustle Back OP in Cream X Blue set $120 - SOLD)

21) BodyLine High Waisted Plaid Skirt set in pink Size 4L

Cute BL skirt. I don't wear it anymore
though since it's pink. Has matching mini top hat. Size if 4L but with the corseting in the back can cinch down smaller. Great for bigger lolitas.

My Amateur Flat  Measurements : Underbust min: 13.5" , Waist min 13"

plaid high waist
Mini Hat:

22) BodyLine Petti $5 (aprox $5.25 USD) - SOLD

23) AatP Black Chain Headdress $30 (aprox $31 USD) - SHIPPED Mar 14 for evil_fenix 
Cute headdress. I've never used it though so off it goes. The cute chain
part has a nice dangling bead on it as well.

24) Brand Socks (various)

From Top Left corner:

1) AP Crown and Logo plaid top socks: $25 (aprox $26 USD) - for smaller calves - never worn but washed, excellent conidition
2) AP crochet Strawberry Socks - SOLD
3) MMM Rose and cross knee socks blackXblue $35 (aprox $36.50 USD) - used only once, mint condition
4) BTSSB Black Lace Topped knee socks $15 (aprox $15.75 USD) - used quite a bit, logo wearing off at foot of sock, still fair condition
5) Peace Now OTKs trump socks in Grey (brand new) $35 (aprox $36.50)
6) Meta Perfume Bottle OTKs in black $30 (aprox $31 USD) - used a couple of times. in excellent condition
7) Meta? OTKs whiteXblack socks $25 (aprox $26) - for smaller calves, never been used, in excellent confition


Trade items:

I am interested in trades/partial trades, however I am not looking for OTT Sweet. I am a plus sized girl however so I don't expect much brand to fit. However I have listed a few below since I know they will fit.

BTSSB Masquerade Theatre OP in Red only
Putumayo trump Cardigan with one pocket (Winter 2010 version)
Putumayo Trump Argyle sweater vest (I think from 2009)
Moitie Holy Queen JSK (or other larger sized prints preferably in BlackXBlue but other colourways are possible)
AP Milky Berry Mint Headbow
Socks - various...but I love socks so try me lol. Do want another pair of creamXbrown Meta victorian print socks
Light Purple/Violet/Lavendar Wig with clip on curly falls
Yosuke brand shoes size 24cm (for boots 24.5) - depends on style of shoe and condition.

FYI my size fluctuates between a 40" bust to 42" bust. I'm a weird size so typically most blouses don't fit (I wear a 34H bra
= large cup on a fairly average frame T-T). Waist also fluctuates (depending on season :P I'm weird that way) between 33" and 35" right now I'm smack dab in the middle for both. I do have corsets and can corset down to 30-1" waist. I'm only 5'3". Fully back shirred AP tends to fit fine as do fully shirred items.
Tags: !ds, *plus size, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, black peace now, bodyline, innocent world, metamorphose, moi-meme-moitie

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