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Damaged Goods Policy

In light of many of the recent issues we've been having with the sales of damaged goods on the community, we'd like to introduce a new damaged goods policy. This is not meant to provide any major alterations to the rules, but is instead meant to supplement the rules and provide guidance in giving feedback and mediating situations in which damaged goods are sold.

“Damaged Goods” Policy
In light of a number of recent situations on the sales community, we’d like to make our position on the sale of damaged goods very clear.

Firstly, we’d like to clarify that we are not banning the sale of used or damaged goods on the sales community. Lolita pieces are produced in very limited numbers, so they are still sought after even when they’ve been worn and owned by many people, and often after they’ve been stained or otherwise damaged in the course of wear. As a result, it’s natural that people will be selling older pieces that may not be in absolutely pristine condition. That said, it is the responsibility of the seller to make the buyer aware of all the flaws a garment has, whether through proof photos or a verbal description.

With this in mind, we’d like to make it clear that cases in which an item is “significantly not as described” will be handled seriously. This includes, but is certainly not limited to:
- Damaged seams
- Over-stretched shirring
- Stains
- Rips
- Missing pieces (i.e. waist ties, pin-on bows, etc.)
that are not mentioned in the item’s description and/or are not visible in proof photos. Again, it is the seller’s responsibility to make the buyers aware of any and all damages in the original sales post, and to accurately represent their items to the best of their ability. When selling, it’s always best to describe small or minor damages rather than hoping that the buyer won’t notice them.

Flaws must be described in text, since we recognize that some flaws may not show up in a photo or may be difficult to photograph. Proof photos of damages are optional, but highly preferred.

If moderators rule that the item(s) received were significantly not as described, the seller will be given a warning and must either pay for repairs or cleaning, or grant a full refund (depending on the particulars of the case). Negative or neutral feedback may also be left for the seller.

In particularly extreme cases, please note that the moderation team reserves the right to outright ban a seller for failure to adhere to this policy.

Please note that moderators will not be searching for instances where we can enforce this rule- the buyer must contact one of the moderators via PM or the ARC with photographic evidence of the damage and the original sales post before we will take action. Posting to drama/wank communities, your personal journal, or another forum does not constitute contacting a moderator, and such cases will not be handled by moderators unless one is contacted directly with the specifics of the case.
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