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DS: rare navy vampire requiem

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-I do not charge paypal fees.
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-I list items for how much I feel they are worth. If you don't agree with my price, feel free to make a reasonable offer.

-Shipping and insurance is included in the U.S.A. If you live in a different country, please ask for a shipping quote.
-I ship with in five days, after receiving payment.


Vampire Requiem in the rare navy color way:
Price: $350 shipped in a box with insurance. 
Condition: Perfect. It has been taken out of the box and tried on once. I didn't have anything to match it, so it has to go.

Measurements: Listed as 60-70 cm waist. If you take out the ribbon, it can probably go a few cm more.
Stock photo:

Proof photo:i55.tinypic.com/1zbyucl.jpg

Photos of additional color ways can be found here: hellolace.net/wardrobe/alice-and-the-pirates/type/skirt/item/1/
Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates
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