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DS: BUY ONE GET ONE HALF OFF imperfect cutesy accessories! RINGS, NECKLACES (ooak), and EARRINGS

Hello! Thank you for stopping by my post! I'm selling some of my accessories as a BUY ONE, GET THE OTHER ONE 1/2 OFF (of equal or lesser value).

I have teeny feedback on EGL, but go to my Etsy in that link and see that I am a good seller ^_^

Payment: Paypal ONLY. No e-checks. First to leave their paypal email and READY to pay, first dibs. Questions are welcome :] There are no refunds or exchange, so please be confident and love me.

Shipping and Handling: Depends on where you are located (USA or Outside), and how many items you order:]

USA: $2 (1-4 items); $3(more than 5 items); ****Comes with tracking #

CANADA: $2.50 (1-4 items); $3.50 (more than 5 items)

: $3.00 (1-4 items); $4.00 (more than 5 items)

I ship using First Class USPS. If you'd like it faster,please let me know. Once I have shipped out your package, it is not my responsible for any loss or damage (things happens in the post office).

ALLERGY ALERT: I have a crazy pomeranian, but he doesn't touch my stuff. Sometimes he observes/watches what I do.

In your SUBJECT area when you're about to comment, please put the item title of what you'd like so others can see.

No trades or holds right now :]

Photos are taken as much as possible to true color with some natural lighting.

***Ballchains are 24inches all around, lead free
***Rings are silver plated and adjustable
***Earrings are on a white silver plated french hook
RHC Necklace- $12 each
Choose by Color and Shape of pearls
ONE of each design made!
Cupcakes are approximately 2 inches tall

  Pink Hearts                                          Pink Stars

        Yellow/Orange Stars                                                                                       Yellow/Orange Hearts               
Green Hearts
  Blue Hearts                                                                                                          Blue Stars                       
                                        Purple Hearts                                                                                                    Purple Stars                           

Rocking Horse Earrings-$4 each

Pink Heart or Star
Yellow Heart or Star
Blue Heart or Star
Purple Heart or Star
White Heart or Star
Sweet Teddy Bear Rings-$4 each SOLD OUT
ONE of each made
        Light Pink                                                                                                                                                                      Dark Pink

The heart with the bear is about 1.5 inches wide. The heart part is somewhat soft (not fuzzy soft). Sample of size is shown below.

Angelic Heart -$5 each.
3 available

 Sparkle Star Shine Rings-$6

Hot Pink (2x)
Red (2x)
Orange (2x)

Rainbow Unicorno Necklace- $10
The unicorn is about 2 inches from head to tail

Hello Strawberry Cupcake Kitty Necklace- $14 SOLD
cupcake is about 2 inches tall

Happy Donut Cupcake Necklace- $12
cupcake is about 1.5-2 inches tall
Whew! What loads of pictures! Please give my creations a very happy home~
Thankies a bunchies for looking~

*When I invoice, my email is *imperfect_kawaii[at]hotmail* Just wanted to let you all know in case I'm not online to respond to comments right away and if you leave your pp. I also comment back when I have sent an invoice the same time.

Here's some old sales~

Light Pink Long Sleeve Blouse [offbrand]

Misc. Bows and cute clothes
Tags: !ds, handmade, offbrand
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