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DS: Clothes for Petite Lolita

If you're interested in buying, please let me know your zip code or country so I can calculate shipping. Thank you! :)

Anna House one-piece with detachable sleeves $90
Stock photo:
My photo:

I removed the satin ribbons because I think it looks much better without them. The two bows are detachable. I love the lace on the back bow. :)
Bust: 31" minimum, I'd guess 33" is the maximum.
Waist: 25.5" is the maximum before it would become uncomfortable. It has waist ties, so I'd guess 21" is the minimum for it not to look bad.
Length: 36" from top of shoulder to bottom
Matching alice bow is $5 extra.

Anna House jumperskirt with alice bow $80 SOLD
Stock photo:
My photo:
Comes with alice bow at no extra charge. Comes with small red and large white detachable bows.
Bust: 31"-35"
Waist: 24"-28"
Length: 31" from the top of the bust to the bottom

In the Starlight skirt $40 SOLD

The bow is detachable.
Waist: 24"
Matching alice bow is $5 extra.
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