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DS: NWT Secret Shop Socks, Tights! 29 pairs ~~~~~<3

I just have too many unworn pairs of socks, it's time to let some go! Please comment with the sock number and your USA zipcode, or country. These socks would be over-the-knee on most women, but YMMV based on height, weight, shoe size, and calf-width.

I will be happy to take measurements of anything you need.
The usual sales stuff:

*Prices: All prices are in USD.

*Location: I am located in Amherst, Massachusetts 01002, USA.

*Shipping: I ship 1st class mail, Priority mail or Express mail within the USA, from zip code 01002. Shipping is included where mentioned. Contact me for a quote for combined shipping, and for international shipping prices ^^. Sometimes it takes me a little longer to ship; let me know if you need something more promptly.

*Payment: I accept PayPal & postal money orders/well concealed cash-at-your-own-risk with tracking(for those of you within the US). PayPal charges me 2.9% + .40cents per transaction, and PayPal fees are not included in this post.

*Sales Etiquette: First to pay usually gets the item. If you definitely want an item, give your PayPal address so that I may invoice you. Being the first to ask about something does not guarantee that you are first in line. I reserve the right to take the highest/lowest/beef jerky offer for an item. I only do holds with a minimum 20% non-refundable deposit.

*Trades: Occasionally considered, they must fit a 36" Bust, 26" Waist. I prefer classic/gothic items, or print items. No solid baby pink >.<.

You can see my egl feedback page here:

*Returns/Exchanges: All sales are final, unless grossly misrepresented. I try to carefully look over every item before photographing it; but we're all fallible.

*Contact: Post here or email me at if you're interested! If you PM me, leave a post here first so I can have a timestamp to work off of.

Delicious, Delicious Socks
All socks are $12 including shipping within the USA
1.Black with pink roses -PENDING SALE-
2.White with roses
3.Brown with roses
4.Black with bows & roses -PENDING SALE-
5.Black with laceup
6.Offwhite with brown ornament -PENDING SALE-
7.Offwhite with brown roses
All socks are $12 including shipping within the USA
8.Black pony (2 pairs!) -1 PENDING SALE-
9.White pony (2 pairs!) -1 PENDING SALE-
10.Black crown -PENDING SALE-
11.White crown
12.Pink Crown
13.Milky-chan pink -PENDING SALE-
14.Milky-chan black -PENDING SALE-
All socks are $12 including shipping within the USA
15.White with strawberries -PENDING SALE-
16.White with candy -PENDING SALE-
17.Pink wonder party -PENDING SALE-
18.Pink ribbon and roses
19.Pink laceup
20.Lavender laceup -PENDING SALE-
21.Mint laceup -PENDING SALE-
All tights are $20 including shipping within the USA, socks are 12$
22.Black with cat and cherries
23.Brown with hearts and lace
24.Brown tights with roses
25.Black tights with laceup
26.Black tights with pink roses
27.Black tights with roses
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