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WTB: Sugary Carnival-Related Items & "Cute Can Kill" Accessories + Link to Old Sales (MMP Navy Set)

Hi there, I fall in love with Sugary Carnival print and am interested in buying Sugary Carnival-related stuffs for my own personal collection. #n_n# I'm also interested in some Cute Can Kill stuffs. :3 Thanks in advance for reading and hopefully making my dream come true! #^o^#


1.) My feedback: community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/457764.html

2.) I will pay via PayPal only (unless you are local, in which I will pay by either bank transfer or COD).

3.) I can only pay around two weeks from now when I will be receiving a bonus from my company. :D


1.) I'm not interested in the OP, JSK, skirts, barrette, headbow, OTKs, or the bag (not totes) of the series -- normal nor special set. I'm only interested in novelties, accessories, totes (not bags), cardigans and parkas.

2.) I'm not interested in replicas.

3.) Since this is mainly for collection, I would only buy lightly-used items (read: used less than twice) if you are offering garments such as cardigans and parkas and NWT or NWOT (preferably still in the packaging) for totes and other non-wearable novelties or accessories (ESPECIALLY for totes). Consequently, I'm willing to pay a good price for items in great conditions.

4.) Kindly note that this is the list of things I ALREADY HAVE, so no more offers for this, please (unless it's NWT):

- Sugary Carnival Cardigan (Dark Pink)

- Sugary Carnival Parka (White)

- Sugary Carnival Coloring Pencil and Book (Pink, only one color) --> image used without permission, kindly PM me if you are the owner and would like the pic removed. Thanks!

- Milky Pony iPhone 4 Cover (Lavender) --> not really SC, but close

5.) Here is the list of things I'm interested in:

- Sugary Carnival Cardigan in Lilac (Priority), White and Black


- Sugary Carnival Parka in Pink, Black x Pink, and Black


- Sugary Carnival Tote Bag in Pink, Lavender and Saxon Blue

- Other Sugary Carnival novelties and accessories I'm not aware of.


1.) I'm only interested in the accessories I listed here.

2.) Used is okay as I might not really collect these, as long as condition is good.

3.) If you have any similar stuffs to the one listed below, don't hesitate to post. :-)


a) Rings:

- Whipped cream pastel cookie/01
- Marshmallow
- Lollipop with bow (pink/blue)

b) Necklaces:

- Cute lollipop (pink x lilac)
- Cute lollipop (pink x sax)

c) Bracelets:

- Sweet marshmallows

d) Phone Straps:

- Marsh mellow with musical notes/01
- Marsh mellow with musical notes/02
- Marsh mellow with musical notes/03
- Lollipop with musical note (lilac)
- Lollipop with musical note (blue)

e) Other accessories with either pastel-colored lollipop or marshmallows a la Sugary Carnival.

~ OLD SALES (Merry Making Party Set in Navy, Now Sold Separately) ~

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