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DS/DT: Dress, Skirt, Shoes, Blouse, Bow, Purse, Coat, Wig...

~ Paypal only, first to leave address gets priority
~ Prices for US shipping only, inquire about overseas shipping costs
if you don't live in the US, please make note that overseas shipping priority is expensive.  I use the USPS price calculator for my estimates based on weight, but I'll refund the difference if it turns out to be less.  Please let me know if you don't mind first class shipping, which is much cheaper.
~ Will take additional pictures if requested
~ If you can send payment as a gift, it's highly appreciated but NOT required.  I will not charge fees if you do not.  I understand if people aren't comfortable with this, though.  
~ Prices are negotiable but please be reasonable

Sold Rose Melody OP $60.80 shipped

Worn three times and washed, but the condition is still good.  Comes with detachable white sleeves

Collar Detail & Back Collar Detail
Detachable waist tie and side zipper
Print Detail
Bust 82~86cm No shirring
Waist 67~72cm or smaller with the waist ties
Length 92cm

Sold Bodyline White Alice Bow- $15 shipped

Shown worn in the picture above to give an idea of size.

Worn a couple times in my beginning days of lolita, only over a wig.  The bow can be slid off the headband (like pictured) and can be moved to the center or the side of the headband so you can wear it whichever way you want.  It also makes it convenient because you can put the bow on a different headband if you want.

Sold- Bodyline Poodle Replica Skirt - $35 shipped

Waist 25~30"

Replica of an IW skirt.  Lined and has a built in layer of petticoat material.

IW Gobelin Bunny Coat - $200 shipped

Did not come with fur collar.
The material isn't very heavy, it'd make a nice spring or fall coat as opposed to a winter coat.

Reduced the price by $50 because I found a few flaws:
There's some threads pulling under the right armpit at the seam, but the seam otherwise looks securely attached. Picture
Near the cuff of the left sleeve there's a little fuzzy snag.  Picture

I'd say the bust shouldn't go over 38" and the waist 35" but it's hard to judge since you'd be wearing clothing under it.  I'm a 35-27 and while wearing a full outfit I still have quite a few inches to spare.

Payment Pending Bodyline Black Blouse- $35 shipped

Size M, unshirred and no corset lacing.  Fits up to a 36" bust and 31" waist from my measurements.

IW Heart Scallop Shoes Ivory, Size L - Trade or $130 shipped

These are unfortunately too large for me.  I'm looking to trade them for a pair of brand shoes in similar condition in size M.  Preferably a pair of flats or low heels. However I will also look at trades of brand blouses or boleros.

There's very light scuffing on the inside sides of each shoe.  Left shoe Right Shoe

Baby Tiara Brocade Lavender Heels- Size M- trade or $120 shipped (20% reduction from $150)

Lace closeup * Bottoms * Back viewTop view

Will trade for another pair of brand shoes in similar like-new condition or brand blouses or boleros.

Sold AnTaiNa White Peeptoe Sandals- Size 24cm $30 shipped

Side Left Shoe ScuffsRight Shoe Scuffs

Bow clips are removable.

Bodyline Laceup Brown Shoes- Size 24- $30 shipped

Scuffing on left shoeScuffing on right shoe

IW Large White Purse- $70 shipped

Very nice lined bag, never used.  It's fairly large.  Measures 10" x 14" x 5", closes with a magnetic snap. 

Inner pockets large enough to fit a cellphone.

Sold Red/Auburn/Brown curly wig with bangs- $35 shipped

Sorry, didn't brush it out, just took it straight from the bag it came in. You can see that it transitions from red at the top to brown at the bottom of the curls.

Never worn, only tried on with a wigcap.  I have a lot of wigs already and never got around to using this one.

Front viewScalp * Inside

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