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DS: BtSSB JSK + Detachable Bustle, BtSSB Blouse, 3 Skirts, 2 Corsages, HK Bag, Loads of Accessories!

 - Paypal only please

- I have 100% positive feedback over here

- Shipping is not included

- I am not responsible for lost packages without tracking (you'd have to pay the additional cost for tracking)

- Measurements are taken as accurately as possible, but bear in mind that I am not a professional seamstress

- I am open to trades, but would prefer to sell 

- If you have any questions, just ask!

BtSSB Offwhite JSK + Detachable Bustle

Bust: 85-90 cm  //  33.5 - 35.4 inches
Waist: 71-73 cm  //  28 - 28.7 inches

Price: $145 SOLD

This lovely JSK comes with a detachable bustle. The bustle length is adjustable (through the little strings that tie it up).

BtSSB Offwhite Detachable-Sleeve Blouse

Bust: 84-92 cm  //  33.1 - 36.2 inches

Price: $95

This shirt is perfect for more aristocrat or male styles, but works fantastically with classic styles too! The sleeves are detachable, and there are waist ties at the back to make it smaller.

Black x White Rose Skirt

Waist: 75 cm // 29.5 inches (though my waist is 28 inches and I'm able to wear it)

Price: $28

This skirt is reversible.

Dusty Rose 3-tier Skirt

Size: 80-135 cm // 31.5 - 53.1 inches

Price: $32  SOLD

This skirt is extremely comfortable as the waistband is entirely shirred.

Blue x Black 3-tier skirt

Waist: 80-135 cm  //  31.5 - 53.1 inches

Price: $20

This skirt is exactly the same as the one above, but in a different colour. Please note that this skirt has small discolourations, pictured below:

Discolouration 1
Discolouration 2

Brown Corsage


Price: $4  SOLD

This corsage has never been used and is brand new without tags.

'Crystal' sideway Crown

Picture taken with flash

Lovely sidecrown, made out of metal and sparkly fake crystals. It's attached to a headband, and comes with a comb.

Price: $7 

Hello Kitty Totebag

Totebag has some signs of wear, one of the straps came loose once, but I fixed it and has not given me trouble ever since.

Price: $12  $9 $6

Offwhite Corsage


Beautiful offwhite corsage that comes with an elastic (although you can slip a pin at the back) and a pin (works as a brooch too!).  It's airy and delicate - I love it, but I already have too many of these! Measures 18cm (7.1 inches) across and is brand new, with tags.

Price: $12 $9 $7 $5

Anna House Black Bow


This comes with a pin at the back, so you can pin it wherever you like! You can also slide a hairpin or headband through the back and wear it as a headbow.

Price: $7 

Rose Ring

Sorry for the blurry picture -___-'
This golden frame ring is gorgeous, and has never used.

Price: $3.50

Cupcake Hairclips

These hairclips are brand new and have never been used.

Price: $3

Pink Jewel Hairclip

A picture of it being worn

This hairclip is made of two different types of pink ribbon and has a jeweled heart in the middle

Price: $2

Thank you for looking!
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