Lorelei DiAngelo (kill_me_faster) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Lorelei DiAngelo

WTB: Tokyopop GLBs vol. 1 and 2!

Like the post title says, I'm in a desperate frenzy to buy Tokyopop's Gothic and Lolita Bibles volumes 1 and 2 (I already own 3, 4, and 5, so please don't post those, thanks ^^). I'm willing to pay a decent amount for them, but note that I'm not looking to pay Amazon/EBay prices which have them going for $30-$60 for a single issue. -___-;;

I know that they're rare, but since the magazine was apparently full of editing flaws anyway, maybe some lovely lolis would like to let them go to a loving home? ^__^ I don't mind used condition with SOME cover/page flaws, but I'd really like for the patterns to be included. Rips/stains etc. throughout the actual magazine are fine, as long as I can actually read it, but I really want these for the patterns (and the lovely comics! *__*).

-I pay with Paypal, same day if not immediately
-Please include shipping in your price to US zip 21034
-Please include a proof photo in your post, thanks! (I can dig up your feedback links myself <3)

Hopefully someone can indulge me~ <3
Tags: !wtb
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