Areki, アレキサンダー, アレキ (kun_ta_ta) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Areki, アレキサンダー, アレキ

DS: Merry making party set in Pink!

Hey everyone:)!
It really breaks my heart to get rid of this set.. since i just got it, but i really need the money!._.
That's why i'm only interested in selling this time and NO trades!
So don't offer any trades! because im not interested.
Payment can be trough Paypal or bank transfer for European buyers.
I prefer to sell it to European buyers because of the shipping,
but i will look at any kind of buyers!
Just remember that shipping will be expensive!

My feedback can be found here:

I'm sorry but i can't make any own pictures of the set atm :(. Because of iternship i'm at my bf's house.
So i will use the pics from the last owner, i hope you guys can understand this!
If you don't, then please wait a week for the proof pic:)

89cm length
89,5cm bust
75cm waist

I took these from hellolace. The bust can be larger so does the wais:)

The set includes: jsk, headbow and socks!
I only split the set if i have a buyer for every item:
Shipping not included
jsk: 200 euros
Headbow: 35 euros
Socks: 30 euros.

Stock photos:

Previous owner pics:

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty
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