krysrussell14 (krysrussell14) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Basic Gothic Lolita Pieces


I have recently decided that I think Gothic Lolita is more of my thing than Sweet Lolita, the only problem is I only own Sweet, so im looking at buying some new pieces. I do already have a petticoat and a pair of black shoes, so I think im set for those for now though.

+I might only buy one or two pieces at a time. I'm in college and have to pay for all of next quarter pretty soon.
+Because I'm in college, I can't always afford top of the line stuff. Used would be preferred.
+My size is typically Medium. I am 34-26-35inches and 5'7" and wear size 9 shoes
+I might have some sweet stuff I would be willing to trade if your interested

+Things I really like:
+High waisted skirts:

Bustle Back Skirts:

High collared tops:

I will look at a lot of stuff :D So show me what you got ^-^
(Oh, and I might need some socks/head pieces to coordinate)

Tags: !wtb
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