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DS: BTSSB Gloves, HK Socks, Wig, Blouse, Coat Set (GREAT value!)

Important Info:


*All items come from a smoke-free and pet-free home
*I am not accepting trades at this time, sorry.
*I am not a professional! I do the best I can, but please keep that in mind and don't hate on the pictures.
*Priority goes those who leave paypal address first. You may add a paypal address to an inquiry if I've forgotten vital information,  but the sale must be finalized within 24 hours or I will go to the "next in line."
*Shipping is included in the US (please keep that in mind), outside please ask. Insurance is extra, so if you want it let me know!
*I am very open to reasonable offers, but please keep in mind that good shipping costs!
*Paypal only, sorry.

My little doggie and rose sheets will be my proof:

And now...on to the goodies! ^_^

BTSSB Gloves -- $38
Condition: Like New! Never Worn

Offbrand Detachable Sleeve Blouse -- $30  SOLD
Condition: Very Good! Only worn twice. It's a bit big for me. The sleeves attach by loops of elastic and buttons.
Bust: 35.5"
Neck: 18"
Waist: 35"
Length: 18"
Upper arm: 10"
Length of sleeves (inc. detachable): 21"

Hello Kitty Knee Socks -- $20
Condition: Very Good! Only worn twice.

Deep Auburn Wig -- $40
Condition: Very Good, only worn once!

Grey Coat Set -- $70 (it's quite heavy; shipping is liable to be at least $15 and is included in the $70)

This coat was made as a prototype by a seamstress so there are a few flaws, I've reflected that in the price. It is lovely and warm, fully lined and made out of anti-pill grey fleece.  It comes with a matching scarf and head-warmer, and I've thrown in a matching pair of gloves for free!
Bust: 40"
Waist: 38"
Wrist: 10"
Length: 36"

I forgot to add the dog, let me know if you need proof.


The seams on the inside of the coat are a little sloppy, the machine apparently fought with the fleece. XP


She spaced the buttonholes incorrectly the first time. This can be better covered up by some fabric bows rather than the ribbons.


Headwarmer has some interfacing peeking out:

Scarf has no noticeable flaws, maybe a tiny bit of dinginess on the pom poms:

Gloves (FREE!)

Thanks for looking, and I still have a bunch of accessories for sale here:

IW Socks, Offbrand Socks, Cyperous Wig (EDITED: look for the Current Condition!), Black and pink bows, Bags, Fabric and Apron Pattern!

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