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DS or trade: Copper Brown Wig brand new (ON HOLD)

I don't have any other feedback besides Ebay ^^

but here's my egl feedback page

Brand new "copper brown" wig. (on Hold)
it's meant to be copper brown but it's pretty orange xD
I asked the seller if it was a heat resistant one.. they said it was.. but on the tag it says not to put to heat. So I really dunno.

Me and my friend both ordered the same wig, but she dosen't like hers and gave it to me :) (I was going to dye it a different colour but I had another person give me a brown wig so i'm all happy xD) so I have a picture of me wearing mine and the new wig still has it's tag on and never worn.

Here's mine worn
(it's been used well of 5-6 times, had it's first brushing today so it looks alittle strange because the curls havent bounced back
(It has a skin top aswell and adjustable in the insides :3)

The new wig not worn or brushed and still has the tag but it's in the inside

Asking 25$ ( That's the price without shipping )
Or offers, or trades

Tags: !ds
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