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DS! AP Wonder Cookie black halter, Sweets patisserie, sax Jsk set, Btssb Fruit Tart Jsk


- Location is Auckland, New Zealand
- Feedback here
- Paypal ONLY
- No pets, non smoking.
- Serious offers only
- Measurements taken lying flat then doubled - not very professional at this, sorry!

Shipping Information:
- I ship from New Zealand
- I can ship immediately
- Not responsible for damages or if package is lost
- Please let me know if you have specific sending instructions
- Not responsible for customs fees.

Specific shipping details:
- I ship using airmail. 4-10 working days and it is insured for the value declared on the customs form.
- unless given specific instructions, I mark all packages as a gift of "secondhand clothing for personal use" at 80 NZD to avoid customs..
- This means that you will be insured for 80NZD. If you want to declare a different price, please let me know.

My proof will be the pale tartan checked sheets :) 
AP Wonder Cookie Black Halter - SOLD

AP Sweets patisserie Pink JSK
- partially shirred, detachable apron, detachable waist ties with hearts, built-in petti, detachable bow

Note: Quite heavy. Received in a trade, but way too sweet for me. Colour in first photo is most accurate

Bust: 102cm max (ribbon laces at back, can go smaller)
Waist: 87cm max (see above)
Length: 89cm
Condition: Excellent. Both the previous owner and I have only tried it on.
Price: US$200 shipped $210 + $10 for shipping anywhere

AP Sax JSK + Headbow set (don't know the name, sorry!)
- detachable waist ties, built-in petti, partially shirred, hairbow has ribbons and small comb.

Note: Received in another trade about 4 months ago.

Bust: 100cm max (ribbon laces: can go smaller)
Waist: 80 cm max (see above)
Length: 87cm
Headbow: 28.5cm x 6cm
Condition: Excellent, not a single thing wrong, mint condition.
Price: US$190 (free shipping) $195 + $10 shipping for anywhere

Btssb Fruit Tart Embroidery JSK BlackxPink) - SOLD

I also have a velveteen cornet OP for sale here: http://community.livejournal.com/egl_comm_sales/13940154.html
Btssb Hawase lace OP (reduced price) here: http://community.livejournal.com/egl_comm_sales/14021894.html
Btssb Velveteen OP (reduced price) here: http://community.livejournal.com/egl_comm_sales/13798039.html

Holds and payment plans are available, but without a non-refundable down payment of at least 20%, priority goes to whoever can pay first.

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