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DS: Bodyline stuff, shoes, offbrand. WTT: Sweet for gothic

+ All prices are in USD, shipping and pp fees not included
+ I will look at trades, I prefer mainly gothic lolita
+ I do not accept returns
+ I have the right to refuse a sale if necessary
+ Paypal only
+ I have cats, but I keep them away from my stuff and lint roll everything before shipping

* First up is the Bodyline pink carousel set (Medium). It includes the skirt, detatchable bow, waist ties and bag. The bag can be sold separately from the skirt. Worn once for a photoshoot. $30+ shipping. Can be washed and ironed before its sent if you like ^-^

* Next is the hello kitty shirt pictured above. It works really well for casual coordinates. It shows some wear, but still has a lot of life to it. Medium. $5+ shipping.

+Medical Corset: This is a pretty old, yet very nice corset. It has big grommets and side lacing, and 6 adjustable straps. It also has two big metal bones down the back. It hooks down the sideish front and has some soft fabric behind the hooks for comfort. Has some really small marks on it, more pictures can be given upon asking. Has an overall very light flower print. Best offer.

* Pink Bodyline bloomers: These have never been worn and are new without tags. $25 or best offer. Will fit a big variety of sizes.

* Offbrand Headdress: Very cute headdress bought from someone else here on the comm. Ive never actually worn it. It is light pink, with white lace, two light pink bows and light pink ribbons. $10 or best offer + shipping.

* White Anna House Shoes Size 42: These shows have a lot of scuffs and wear to them, but are actually in very good shape. I would recommend them for about a US size 10, since I am a 9 and they were pretty roomy. There is also some yellowing ( I think its from the glue they used on the shoes) behind the bows that may come off with some cleaning. 10$ +shipping.

*Dark Brown Bang Extensions: Never worn, way too dark for my hair. They are a very dark brown/almost black color and are a lot less shiny in real life. Very full coverage. $5 +shipping.

WTT: Bodyline (Not sure what its called) JSK In sax and black, and possibly sax bunny jacket for something in all black. I'm starting to go more towards gothic lolita I think, and am looking at trading or partial trading my favorite set. Both of these are no longer available on the website. I would really love a high waisted underbust kind of style skirt, but will look at a lot.

Stock Photos:

Proof pic: (Excuse my odd expression)

Thanks for looking ^-^ I can answer questions or give more photos upon request. :)
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