Vulpes vulpes. (cheriecherie) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Vulpes vulpes.

Willing to Buy: Mermaid Symphony and Mermaids, period~

+ I N F O +

My egl feedback page is here.

I am a USA buyer

I promise to have thorough communication with sellers. I will leave feedback promptly after receiving items.

I would really like to have a dress with mermaids on it for my 20th birthday. I contacted a user to buy hers but the past few days she has been unresponsive, even when I provided my Paypal, so I believe she's changed her mind or it won't arrive in time for my birthday. ;___; (If you read this, I'm still interested obviously!)

If anyone would like to sell their Mermaid Symphony JSK or OP in any color please inquire, I will pay straight away (given proof of ownership and positive feedback are provided).

It is not required to have the clam canotier. I may also look at Twinkle Mermaid depending on price, and other mermaid prints.

I'm also willing to offer my black BTSSB paraol or Black Medium Usakumya pochette as partial trading materials, if that so interests you.

I need to receive the dress on the 12th so I can wear it to my birthday dinner, but you know, if it takes longer to arrive that's fine I suppose. This dress has been on my mind. </3

I'm stepping out to a class soon but will reply as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading!
Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, any brand
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