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DS: Delicate Rose Headdress -- sold, thank you!

- shipped from california, usa
- smoke-free, pet-free home
- prices in $USD
- not responsible for lost/stolen packages once shipped
- no returns
- no trades
- paypal only

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Delicate Rose Headdress SOLD!

Description: This headdress includes cluny lace lining the top and partially on the inside. Six pearls are sewn on the top, creating a very feminine and elegant appearance. A delicate cream full bloom rose is also adorned on the side. There are several loops and strings of lace and satin ribbon attached underneath the rose. This headpiece overall makes a very classical, or mori accessory. Please understand that there may be flaws as this is a handmade item.

Measurements: One size ; rose 3" by 4" ; longest piece of lace 7 1/2"

Price: $25 + $3 first class shipping within USA/ $4-6 first class shipping international 

If shipping turns out to be less than I approximated, you will be refunded and if it turns out to be more, you will be charged the extra cost.


If you would like more detailed photos, please ask me and I will provide them!

Please let me know if you are interested in the headdress! I am able to create more, but not right away. This is sort of a tester to see how interested people would be before purchasing good quality materials in bulk.
Tags: !ds, handmade
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