Mara (grayhour) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

quick ds for closet cleaning! Yolanda classic blouse, VM skirt!

Hello everyone, I am cleaning out my closet a little in the hopes of winning an auction, so it's quick sale time!

My feedback can be found here. I ship on Thursdays and Saturday mornings lately, as I work long days during the week. ^_^ I also will almost always use priority mail via USPS unless you ask otherwise.

Priority goes to the first person to leave their paypal.
Shipped prices are for the US only.

Yolanda blouse
$45 shipped

I've only tried this blouse on once to try the fit, and it was a bit too large for me. It is a Yolanda size L and is absolutely perfect for classic coords. I am the second owner, but it was new with tags when I got it. The measurements of the blouse are: max bust 38", max waist 29" with corsetting in the back for smaller.

Victorian Maiden ruffle skirt

$70 shipped

Gorgeous and detailed VM skirt for everyday wear, I've worn it maybe three times since I got it. I love it, but it's just a little short for my taste at 20.5". The absolute MAX waist measurement to wear this is 26", it would best fit someone with a 24-25" waist.

I want these out, so I'm a little flexible, but please be reasonable. :)

Tags: !ds, offbrand, victorian maiden
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