Fuzzeh little manpeach (missspastic) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Fuzzeh little manpeach

DT: black BTSSB dress

I just got one of my dream dresses in the mail today. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit V_V
It's the Scallop Princess JSK from Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Mine's a slightly different version, the lucky pack version I think.  Instead of the fancy bow on teh side, it has a detatchable one without pearls or roses.  Proof picture here

I'd like to trade for another black dress that actually fits me.  However, there are plenty of other dresses I want.  A pinkXred one would be perfect, or a plain red one.  I like polka dots and stripes, but not gingham or plaid.  I like gothic, sweet, and classic, so I'm not too particular.  The only dress I wouldn't be toooo interested in is anything with an empire waist or basic pinkXwhite jsks. 
 dream magic JSK in any colorway is my dream dress.  If you have this and want to trade it, I'd be willing to offer for full or partial trade. 


for reference, my bust is 32.5 inches and my waist is 26. 
Tags: !dt, baby the stars shine bright
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