cami_s (cami_s) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB : BTSSB very berry sweet pie or something similar, tiara goblin, DT : BTSSB wizard of oz

 Hi egl ! 

I want to buy some dresses ^_^
Please read !

About my WTB :

I'm looking for Baby The stars shine bright Very berry sweet pie One piece only, I'll look at any colorways, but I'll prefer the brownXcream. Pink isn't really my color but i'll consider it too.
I'll look at similar One Piece, with prints but not too colored please. 

I'm not looking for : 
AP prints
Famous print like VR
Lavender/Pink/lLight Blue/White colored OP

I live in FRANCE, I pay by paypal. 

Feedback page

About the DT :

If you're interested in a trade ! I've a BTSSB wizard of oz JSK in cream colored. In perfect condition
Just ask me for pics ! 

This is the Very berry sweet pie OP in red version. 

I'm also interesting in the Tiara Goblin JSK from BTSSB, In NAVY, I'll consider the pink version too. 
I'll also look at others JSK with similar prints

I took this pic from Internet it belongs to an egl user I think
Please if it's your pic let me know if I can use it..
The second pic belongs to an Mbok user. 

Tags: !dt, !wtb, baby the stars shine bright
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