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DS: Mary Magdalene Wine Bertille OP, Vintage Petticoat

☆ Prices in USD
☆ I accept Paypal only
☆ Prices do not include shipping
☆ All items are in the condition listed, but it is possible that flaws are not seen, please allow for small errors if unnoticed, and a partial refund for dry cleaning will be done. (if damage/stains/etc are proven) 
☆ I reserve all rights not to sell to anyone. 
☆I am not interested in trades whatsoever.
☆ Feedback: eglfeedback post, tumblr feedback

Mary Magdalene Bertille OP

I bought this brand new, and received it last July. I have worn it a few times, but it is in great condition. The bow is included, but not pictured.
Length: 93cm
Bust: ~90cm
Waist: ~70cm
Price: 280 + shipping + pp fees.

Vintage Pastel Petticoat:

I bought this petticoat in a vintage store in Toronto. It gives a great shape for A-line dresses, but is best for longer dresses and skirts. It fits a large range of sizes because the waist is elasticized. 
Price: 40 + shipping + pp fees.

Any additional pictures or information are welcome. Thank you.
Tags: !ds, mary magdalene, offbrand
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