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WTB: White/Cream/Ivory Longsleeve Bolero/Cardigan



A friend and I will be visiting a Victorian tearoom in a few weeks and I'm putting together my outfit. I have a vintage gunne sax-esque (? I can't tell as the tag was cut off) dress that is similar in length and styling to the Innocent World Alphabet Rose:

However, the vintage dress has sheer sleeves, which I don't like, so I'm looking for a longsleeve bolero or cardigan in either white, cream or ivory similar to the IW one in the picture above. It doesn't have to be as ruffly, though. I can easily accessorize a plainer piece, if I feel it needs more frilliness. 

It doesn't matter to me if it's brand or offbrand. 

US sellers are preferred, as I can't afford to pay a lot for int'l shipping. 

title or description

My sizing is:

Shoulders: 16 in.
Chest: 34 in
Sleeve length: 22 in.
(but I don't mind if the item's sleeves are shorter/longer by an inch or so).

Thanks very much for looking!

title or description
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