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Give me money for Japan! Some reposts, some new, probably more to come!

Feedback page:

I'm going to Japan in March and my savings account is not quite at the level I'd like it to be, so I'm selling off a few trinket-y things I never use/wear. Shipping is not included in prices and is $5 within US, $10 overseas. In the case of multiple users interested in the same item, it will go to whoever sends me their paypal first. All prices OBO, so feel free to haggle!

Please also check out my Etsy shop, Amaranth Opulent, and if you see anything you like use the coupon code COMMSALES for 10% off! This discount won't be active long, so act fast! ♥

BtSSB Pink Glitter Sweets Socks

Bought at the BtSSB SF store opening and worn a lot. I love these, they're adorable, but I just don't wear pink enough to justify keeping them. The bottoms are a little discolored and there are some pulled threads in the embroidery, but those were there when I bought them :/

^pics of loose threads

^Discolored bottoms
Asking $15

BtSSB Saxe Cheery OTKs

Also bought at Baby SF. Never worn because they're too small for me. These need to go on teeny calves! I don't have them with me at school atm, but my calves are about 15" (I think?) and they're unwearable for me :/

Asking $25

MintyMix pink bow brooch

This is so cute! Bought it at NYAF a few years ago. I love it, but again I just don't wear pink enough. Worn a handful of times. The pin itself is a little bent to help it stay closed- it kept coming undone while worn, and I was told bending it a little would help it stay on better (it does!) Asking $10.

Mother Garden basket purse

I purchased this when MG had a store in the Palisades mall, which has since closed. It's made of woven pink wicker with wooden handles. It's almost unused. I think I paid around $65 for it new, so I'm asking $40.

SWIMMER earmuffs

Bought second-hand, worn only once or twice. These things are HUUG & 3-D! I have a picture worn if you want to see, but I'm only going to show it by request since it's really shoddy XD;
Asking $15

Offbrand butterfly hoodie

Bought from a thrift store. Tag says children's size large, but it's baggy on me at a 36" bust. Also don't have this with me, but measurements can be provided upon request.

Best offer

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