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DS: Bodyline punk lolita tops, lolita sets, shoes and chocomint leftovers!

Rules of sales!
  • I am located in Lancaster, UK
  • First to leave paypal getsthe item
  • No pets here, non smoker
  • Paypal only
  • I will look at trades, but I am looking mainly to sell
  • Shipping is INCLUDED for UK buyers. International, please enquire
  • I accept offers! Please let me know if I've asked too much
  • Due to current circumstances, it may take a few days for me to get to the post office to ship items. Please understand this.
  • My feedback is here community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/561969.html
  • Any questions, Please ask ^^
Bodyline Black heels in size 24.5

Stock image here- 
I bought these as an emergancy pair in case the pair I wanted didn't arrive in time. I've only tried them on, never worn outside my room. Size 24.5.
£8 shipped to the UK

Red Bodyline seperates set

Stock image here- www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showProduct.asp
I bought this set very recently from another lovely girl here on comm. Unfortunatly, the set dosen't suit me. I've only tried the set on, and to my knowledge the other owner has only tried it on also. Comes with detachable bows.
Measurements from the Bodyline site-
Length 43cm
Bust 92-100cm
Shoulder length 37cm
Sleeve length 63cm
Half sleeve length 22cm
Length 53cm
Waist 64-84cm

£15 shipped to the UK

Bodyline Music Notes seperates set

Stock Image here-

I bought this as soon as it came out, but it just isn't my style. I've only tried on the skirt. Will come with the detachable bows.
Measurements from Bodyline (Size 2L)-
Length 54-79cm
Bust 98cm
Waist 86cm
Shoulder length 38cm
Length 52cm
Waist 72-108cm

£33 shipped to the UK

Bodyline Punk 'Heaven or hell' cutsew

Stock Image here- www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showProduct.asp

Bought this when I thought about trying punk, but never did. Never been tried on, comes with chains and collar. Collar still has tags attached.
Measurements from Bodyline-
Length 57cm
Bust 90cm
Waist 82cm
Shoulder length 35cm
Sleeve length 18.5cm

£7 shipped to the UK

Bodyline punk Skull zip cutsew

Never been tried on, brand new with tags. Sold out from Bodyline's website (I think). Again, just didn't get into punk. Other photos of the back and measurements available on request.

£8 shipped to the UK


Bodyline Punk frayed cutsew

Never tried on, new with tags. Frayed, ragged hem. Please ask for photos of the back or measurements! I think this one is also sold out.

£8 shipped to the UK.

Bodyline red tartan punk seperates set

*Please note, the bed covers have changed because this is an old picture of mine*
Contains sleeveless blouse, tie, skirt and detachable cat tail. Comes with detachable chains. Worn about 2 times, this just isn't my style anymore. Sold out on Bodyline for a long time now, size L.
Measurements and extra photos available on request.
£25 shipped to the UK

Chocomint Lucky Pack Items!

Various left overs from my Chocomint Lucky packs. Never worn or used.
Sundae Phone strap- £2.50 shipped to the UK
Bunny/mouse thing phone strap- SOLD! Thank you!
Doughnut Phone strap- SOLD Thank you!
Pink and blue hair tie- £2.50 shipped to the UK
Pom pom candy hair tie- £2.50 shipped to the UK

Chocomint Luck Pack candles
***Please note, due to the cost of shipping these I can only ship these with another item, thank you for understanding***

Buy as a set- £15(Heavy)
Icecream candles- 
SOLD, thank you!
Yankee candle (Vanilla Lime)-  TRADED, thank you!
Mint cake candle- £1.50
Heart candle- £1
Bread candles- TRADED, thank you!

Please let me know if you have any questions, or need photos or measurements. Thank you very much for looking!
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