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AC!: Art Commissions by Lilly! Chibi Portraits, Sketches, Comics and More!

Hello there! Welcome to my commissions page!
I've just moved to Melbourne, Australia, arguably one of the most awesome cities in the world. However, to help pay for my rainbow-colored shoebox, I'm opening commissions again so I don't go broke!

Recently I was hired by Samantha of Blasphemina's Closet for a set of style chibis, and way back in the ice ages once upon a time, I used to work for Tokyopop on the G&LB. I just graduated from SCAD with a degree in Sequential Art, finished a mascot rebrand for, and am doing a few designs for All Star Comics in Melbourne.

Here are some samples of my work!

And some samples of other styles!

A fully-colored, print scale/quality chibi is just
Print it out, stick it on your locker, your cubicle, your closet, your fridge, wherever!
Chibis are roughly 8x10".

Talk to me individually about other pieces, as prices vary depending on complexity!

Thanks so much for looking!

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