Bondra_Doll (xxblackwing95xx) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Bodyline Carousel Jsk, Fruits Parlor Replica, Parasol, and an urgent question!

 There are a couple of things I'd really like to buy, so if you have any of them, I'd love to see!

~I'm in the U.S.
~I pay in paypal.
~Generally U.S. sellers preferred
~My feedback is here:

I really want the Bodyline Carousel JSK! Preferably in black, but I'll consider any color except pink. (I'll also consider the carousel skirt, even though the JSK is my main objective.)
Fruits Parlor Replica preferably in red like shown.

I'm also looking to buy a parasol, like the ones from Btssb. Now, I know that's a long shot, because people never seem to want to part with their parasols. But I do have a question: I plan on reserving one from Btssb if I can't find one on here. But is their anything specific I have to do to go about doing so, since I'm overseas?? And how much would shipping be for a parasol from there?? I've never actually ordered from the brand's actual store. ^^;;

Any help with these wants is much appreciated!! (:

Tags: !wtb, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline
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