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DS/DT Alice and the Pirates, Metamorphose, Innocent World and damaged items

Please note that I do have a cat but will try to remove every hair.
Buyer covers shipping.
I cover paypal fees, my prices already reflect that so no surprise fee adding!
All prices excluding shipping.
I will ship within 14 days after payment, please make sure you're okay with that.
I have +64 feedback on eglfeedback and 166 on ebay.
I will consider offers and trades, just ask.
No refunds or returns, this is a private sale (please pay for insurance if you want to be safe).
I will consider holds in case you pay a deposit or if I know you and we've had business before.
Item goes to the person who leaves their paypal first.
Payment only via paypal except you're from Germany.
I reserve the right to refuse to sell to people I had issues with before.

1. AatP Wood Sole Frill shoes

I bought them second hand and have worn them five-ish I think. I love them but they are a tad to wide for me.
Size LL, a wide 25.5
They have some scuffs and scratches as can be seen on the pic.

72€  57€ plus shipping, they are heavy!

2. Metamorphose Gobelin Set pending

Consists of the bonnet and the underbust JSK. Waist ~ 73 cm. This was my very first brand purchase and I love it dearly but since my style has changed over the years I would like to trade it for something more my style or sell it. Both items are in like new condition, the waist tie buttons of the JSK have been resewn since the have been wonky upon arrival. I sell this as a set only or if you find someone to take the other part.


125€ shipped within EU with delivery confirmation, international please ask for a quote depending on your location!

3. Innocent World Gobelin Skirt pending

This is a pretty recent purchase and I HATE to part with this skirt as I fell in love with it the very first time I saw it. But the sad truth is, I'm much to tall for it and it is more like a miniskirt to me and it's really snug in the waist :(
This skirt has the most awesome gobelin fabric and the prettiest lace I have ever seen. It is in perfect condition as far as I can tell.
Waist 70 cm maximum.

100€ shipped within EU with delivery confirmation, international please ask for a quote depending on your location!

4. AatP Sailor blazer

I covet thin thing. But the sad truth is, I don't wear sweet styles anymore so no sailor for me. This blazer is in perfect condition, when I received it looked like it has never been worn before. I wore it three times. It fits with a bust of ~90 cm absolute max and a waist of ~72 cm, the hip is pretty free then under the last button.

75€ shipped within EU with delivery confirmation, international please ask for a quote depending on your location!

I AM interested in trades, see my wishlist here:

On a little side note:

I also have some damaged items that I would like to part with, mostly Bodyline/offbrand blouses with missing buttons that have sleeves that are too short for me. I sometimes read that there are girls looking for damaged items to fix them. I have pretty much of them including the Marble jacket below and a Miho Matsuda skirt that you can see here:

If you are interested in purchasing them as a bunch for a bit of money plus shipping, please contact me for the details as I don't want to spam this post with broken clothing.


I have the LIEF Sacred Night Skirt in black x gold. I like this skirt very much but I'm not really into long skirts so I want to trade this for something on my wishlist. I'M NOT SELLING because I prefer to keep it if I don't find a trade!


My wishlist, again:

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