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WTB!!! Milky Fawn & Fluffy Usakumya Scarf <3 (Muffler) + Milky chan bunny pouchette (white)

Willing to buy the following :) please just message me or comment me
whatever is easier! you are sweet lolitas who always manage to make
peoples dreams come true! so hopefully you can make mine ^__^
Even if you werent sure on selling maybe throw me a price youd consider
or something -

message price shipped to the UK :)

AP Milky Fawn Stole (Muffler - SCARF)

BTSSB Usakumya Fluffy (Muffler Scarf)

BTSSB milky chan pouchette - white!

feedback -

Will love u forever!! hehe x
p.s - please no one comment steal people selling to me on my own post, its rude :(
Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright
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