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DS: Cheep btssb OP

I'm selling my pretty btssb OP because its just not my style. It has been worn twice.

Here is my livejournal feedback:
Fell free to ask questions!
I am not responsible after the item has left my hands. But I will keep proff pictures that I shipped it off!
Pay through paypal only.
If in the bayarea we can just meet up to save on shipping :)

This btssb jsk is very stretchy and can fit very small measurements and bigger ones. Shirring in the back. Only worn twice but in good condition 4/5. It has really cute pockets which are rare in btssb dresses. It has removable waist ties and the sleeves are supposed to be worn a little off the shoulders.

This dress was purchased new at btssb SF. It is worth about $200 and somethingish if I remember correctly. I got it on sale because it had some lose threads in the shirring. Pictures of the issues are bellow. There is also a little pink stain that I have not tryed to remove. 
I have a 34" bust and 25" waist and it fits when the lace is at its tightest so it could go much bigger then that with the back shirring. In fact I would recommend this for someone with larger measurements then me.
MAX Measurements: 34" waist and 38" bust. Keep in mind those are armature flat measurements so it could probably go an inch or too bigger.
$100 shipped is my asking price (with damage factored into the price) with normal air mail shipping. Add $10 for UPS which includes tracking.

I will ship this out tomorrow with another package I need to ship out.

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Damage: Stain and stiching damage.

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I'm pretty sure the sercoled part of the shirring is just top stitching because it dosnt effect the stretchiness. The other sercoled part is just showing that because the fabric is really thin it is pulled a little at the seems there.

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