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Cheeptrims GO

My eglfeedback link:


Website: http://cheeptrims.com/

Duration: GO will end on 3/12 at 7pm PST

GO fee: 15% of order total (to pay for shipping to me and shipping receptical)

Cheeptrims is a bulk lace and trim website. You will recieve two invoices. The FIRST will be the cost of your items+GO fee. When all participants have paid their invoices, the order will be placed. I will notify the participants when the order has been made, and then when it arrives. I will then split up the orders and package things up. I will send pictures of your items to show that they have arrived and make sure everything you wanted was there. This will take about 1 or 2 days. Then I will mail out the packages (items will be shipped in either padded envelopes or boxes). The SECOND invoice will then be sent for shipping (shipping will be the cheapest possible with a tracking number unless otherwise stated/desired). Once I have recieved the shipping cost I will leave feedback for you! Please do the same when your items arrive!

Order form:
Name/LJ name:
Paypal address: (this will be screened)
Contact e-mail address:
Your feedback link:
Order (links please and color stated)

If you would like to split anything I can do that, but only if there is someone else ordering that would like to split it with you. Please post under the "Split request" comment to connect with people who want to split things. Please indicate on your order if you would still buy the whole roll if no one wants to split, so I know what to buy at the end (*on the list will indicate if you are willing to buy the item in it's entirety even if no one wants to split). When posting, post link, how much there is, and how much you want. I will transfer this information up here:

bunny_jean wants 20 yards; 30 yards total; $21 total

bunny_jean wants 6 pairs; 12 pairs total; $21.60 total

bunny_jean wants 12 pairs; 24 pairs total; $18 total

bunny_jean wants 12 pairs; 24 pairs total; $7.20 total

missmerrymint wants 75 yards; 150 yards total; $37.50 total

http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a27/bunny_7373/100_2334.jpg [ON HOLD FOR MISSMERRYMINT]
Proof: http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a27/bunny_7373/lace%20and%20fabric/DSCN1653.jpg
There are 30 yards, never touched. $13.00 for the entire thing. If you want this you do not have to pay the GO fee and it would be shipped with your other items unless you are not participating in the GO.

I am holding this order so people who may not want too many things can still get things. My order will already exceed the $65 minimum.

Orders made by:
bunny_jean (ORDERED)
chiichick (ORDERED)
missmerrymint (ORDERED)
dolorousrattus (ORDERED)

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